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About Me

After completing a degree course in Fine Art in London, I moved to Staffordshire, some 25 years ago, how time flies!

Alongside working part-time in various jobs I have been self-employed as a painter. I have sold work through galleries, open exhibitions, art/craft fairs, in this country and abroad. I have worked in many media – oil, acrylic, silk paint and printmaking.

When my 2 daughters were very young I had no time for my own work in the day, so I took an evening class in Pottery. I found I absolutely loved using clay and glaze, and decided to experiment painting with glaze. I obtained a 1960’s kiln from a local school many years ago.

Ceramic glaze is very expensive to work with, so the pieces I now paint tend to be smaller in size. Glaze is fabulous to use and the chemistry involved in mixing and firing is very exciting. Over the almost 20 years that I have been painting with glaze my work has changed and evolved, and continues to do so as I find new glazes and techniques. The possibilities are endless as I am delighted to constantly discover! I love the element of surprise when I open the kiln as I do not have complete control over how the glaze reacts and moves in the kiln.


My inspiration usually comes from our beautiful British landscape, and I am always with my camera on the lookout for a scene which will translate well to my work.

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